Termination Facility

Cable lugs, also referred to as Cable Terminals are utilized to securely connect or terminate cables to electrical devices, power or control panels, junction boxes, equipments and machineries. These lugs are often used to join power cables together. Cable Lugs intend to ensure the safety of both the appliances and human beings. These lugs can be uniquely engineered according to the client’s preferences and requirements.

The functionality of a cable lug is one of the safest and common method of cable termination. It is designed in a way that cable termination and removal for maintenance or repair is very simple, thus a cable lug is broadly used instead of direct fastening methods.

Copper cable lugs are used to terminate the ends of battery cable and welding cable so they can be connected to other electrical equipment such as starters, fuse blocks, distribution blocks, etc. Made from pure copper, cable lugs are highly conductive and can handle very high currents.

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